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WELL, IT’S 2015! WTF!

WELL, IT’S 2015! WTF!


WELL, IT’S 2015! WTF!

And to get you started on the correct path,  Brian has asked me to write a column for London Real every month in 2015, to beat you all like rented mules! Though normally my message would be of peace and comfort! LOL! Hence, I decided to tell you, as I would normally do, what’s up with me on the high performance front with my QLA devotees and my new extended London Real family! 

First, I want to take this opportunity to thank my many QLA followers, along with my growing London Real QLA devotees! Without you I would have nobody to lead, coach and mentor! Sally and I are especially grateful for all we have and the countless opportunities we have to enjoy here sailing through Polynesia and the South Pacific! But it would be disingenuous for us not to say, we had and continue to work much harder than most to maintain our advantages!   

Yeah, as I tweeted about many times, I still work even on what you guys would call holidays – including Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and even New Year’s Day! I feel guilt without a few hours work no matter where I am, or what I am doing! Just think of all the extra time I have spent for almost 50 years of high performance habits! Hell I have closed deals between Christmas and New Year’s Eve!    

I am not going to beat or try and motivate you for the New Year! If  you know me through London Real and have read my newsletters, etc, and you still need this kind of PD crap you need more than Dan Peña! LOL! All I will say is – it is in your hands going into 2015!


Even though it is in your hands, let me give you a big hint and tool high performers have been using since time began! I, like countless other high performers, use the time between Christmas and the New Year (or going back to work 5 Jan) to make goals and the associated affirmations! But remember, make them BIG, BOLD AND FUCKING BODACIOUS! For example vis–à–vis me: I will be more productive, efficient and successful in my 70’s than I have been in the entire 6 decades prior! That’s right - WTF! And I will promote QLA worldwide through the success of my mentees, devotees and my new QLA show business career!  Are your goals bold enough?


The January seminar is fully booked with a waiting list for the next castle event! As always, it will be a fucking barn burner! Hence, the next castle seminar for April 1 – 8, 2015 has just been opened for reservations and there are already people who have paid in full! And due to the increased castle experience interest, I have  built out and expanded the seminar room in our state-of-the-art pavilion, including new technology to enhance the experience! For more information contact  Thelma at thelmag@guthriecastle.com. I look forward to seeing many of you at the next event!

Of course, if you want the ultimate commentary on the QLA Castle Seminar experience, YOU MUST REVIEW Brian’s own blog and 2 terrific interviews with me before and after his own QLA transformation, passage, this past October and his continuous journey beyond! His blog and interview after the seminar, is the best ever written or filmed in the over 20 years that I have been doing the castle event! WTF!

To Your Quantum Leap in Life and Business,  



P.S. Take a look or listen to the most recent QLA and Dan Peña media exposures: the Next Shark on line magazine interview; and my Christmas gift to you, released on the 25th of Dec, the Art of Charm bonus episode podcast! 


P.P.S. As I have told you many times before, till I am blue in the face – show me your friends and I will show you your future; and you are the average of the 5 people you have spent the most time with! Here is a guy I only met with recently and has paid in full for the April seminar before it was even announced in early November:

Dear Mr. Pena,

It has been 20 days since I met you at the Ritz in London.

I have made the following progress and would like to get your feedback.

1) I have joined the Rotary Club

2) I have joined Toastmasters and will making my 1st speech shortly

3) I have joined a great gym in Birmingham

4) I am considering which country club to join out of 2 choices

5) I have to spoke to one potential chairman about my idea, he thought my ambitions were a bit too big and that I should focus on just doing a couple of deals rather than try to do several (consolidations)

Please let me know your thoughts.


Of course I will tell him his potential chairman doesn’t think big enough! But bottom line: HE TOOK FUCKING ACTION, INSTEAD OF READING ANOTHER BOOK BY SOME PD PERSON! What he doesn’t say, but I know, he has already read much of the QLA material which I have put online FREE!

Or another QLA mentee from an earlier seminar this year who completely changed his surroundings:

Merry Xmas Dan. Thanks for all your support this year. You have changed my life this year and I am looking forward to a very big year next year. None of this would have been possible without you opening my eyes to what is possible if you demand it.

P.P.P.S. You might wonder why I spend time with all of you, trying to get you unwilling fucks across the goal line, like Forrest Gump did? Great question, but really easily answered! Because when I get a year-end email like this from a Hall-of-Famer, who went almost totally blind during our partnership years – I know I made the right decision to coach in 1993:

It made me think I really haven’t been as successful as many of your other mentees have been nor indeed as I think I might have been if I had been more focused/ruthless/single minded.

On the other hand when I think of the things I’ve done over those 17 years including representing my country at six international championships, the first at age 34 when most are retiring from athletics, building myself back into the world of work and many other personal achievements, all while losing my sight, I have no doubt whatsoever that meeting you in 1997 was the catalyst for turning my life around at a critical point and continues to keep me more or less pointing in the right direction.

… I have very fond memories of us ‘soldiering’ together in the early days … Suffice it to say, albeit on a different level than you operate at, I’m not afraid of anyone or anything and that is a huge plus in life.

This Irish warrior will be at my 70th birthday! 

How do you measure up? 

P.P.P.P.S. BEING ALL YOU CAN BE! This guy Irving Kahn, now 109, the oldest living investment professional in NYC commented almost 13 years ago in a magazine article in 2002, "I'm at the stage in life where I get a lot of pleasure out of finding a cheap stock," adding that his research still pushes him to work evenings and weekends.

WTF! This guy, at age of about 96 still worked evenings and weekends! And as I have seen on the news, he still is working those hours currently at the age of 109! I had heard about this stud a few years ago! He is certainly my hero going into my 70’s in 2015! I don’t need to tell you what he would think of your measly work ethic! I  WILL MEET THIS GUY IN 2015!

P.P.P.P.P.S. I am happy to announce after many requests, I am initiating QLA 1-on-1 consulting, beginning in 2015! As I have said countless times, we have 100% success with the QLA week-long castle experience! But I have also said, as has Brian Rose told you himself, it is not for everyone! Why? For a variety of reasons: can’t take the truth, etc;  but mainly because of time; and also because a few of you are too far down the success continuum to go through the training with the more unsophisticated individuals! Which, of course, may be true depending on the individual, etc! But for this exclusive private time with me, there will be a high “pay price to action” vies a vies investing in yourself! For more information contact Thelma at thelmag@guthriecastle.com.

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