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The Keiser Report Feature's Brian Rose

The Keiser Report Feature's Brian Rose

Brian’s appearance this week on the Keiser Report was proof that independent media is versatile, authentic and influential. With the participation of it’s listeners, LondonReal has evolved in the past three years into something more than just a podcast. 

The digitally native media outlets tap into every niche, bringing to light real stories and people, in this way new media is empowering the listener. We’re no longer in the age of television and the internet has changed how we consume by giving us almost infinite choice of what to consume. In the past we observed news, today we’re part of the journey and find our community there.

It’s a concept called the long tail, we’re no longer all watching the same blockbuster movies [or music]… now we can go and find the content that we like… it’s an exciting time.
— Brian Rose

Mark Keiser has been a friend of LondonReal since taking his place in the hot seat for an interview. Bringing Brian into his own studio this week, Keiser shone a light on just how humble a set-up LondonReal is yet how the guest roll consists of some internationally known scientists, journalists and artists. 

When independent media like London Real strives for real quality in terms of production and storytelling it’s no wonder that the mainstream is sitting up to take notice.