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Feeling Whey Better

Feeling Whey Better

Train Hard Eat Well

Brian Rose MMA Training

Brian Rose MMA Training

Ever since I moved to London after the World Trade Center came crashing down I’ve been addicted to fitness and fighting in one shape or another.  It took me 31 years to discover that as a male, weight training and combat are crucial for me in order to have any hope of leading a balanced lifestyle.  Without them I turn into an angry, agitated, nasty bastard (so you haven’t trained much recently right Brian?  ha ha I hear you).


Brian Rose Ayahuasca

Brian Rose Ayahuasca

After my three Ayahuasca ceremonies of 2012 my diet changed considerably.  While I was aware that certain foods were unhealthy choices it was those psychedelic experiences that really taught my core consciousness to avoid things like gluten, sugar, and unhealthy meats.  Unfortunately at the time Whey Protein was the baby that went out with that bathwater.

I lift heavy three times per week, fight train 1-2 times per week, and do kettlebells or hill sprints on my days off.  And while I consume healthy proteins at every meal (eggs, chicken, fish) it’s very difficult to maintain decent muscle mass without supplemental protein.  Recently that comes in the form of daily shakes of Whey Better Protein made from grass fed, free-range, hormone free cows and sweetened with stevia.

Brian Rose Rope Training

Brian Rose Rope Training

Whey protein has the highest bioavailability and anabolic properties of all natural foods and contains the full spectrum of essential amino acids  I love the subtle taste of the flavours (even the Strawberry) and it sits well in my stomach unlike many other protein powders on the market (guys you know what I mean).

In my 30s I used to consume the massive “2 grams of protein per Kilo of bodyweight” in order to put on as much muscle as possible but now I’m enjoying my “less-aggro” 40s where I’m happy to stay at 80kg and be lean, healthy and strong.  By supplementing my usual high protein, gluten-free diet with daily protein shakes from Whey Better I also boost the activity of other antioxidants and vitamins in my body so I can concentrate on taking London Real to the next level.

As I get more conscious of consuming grass-fed butter and free-range animal proteins I’m trying to expand that to EVERY aspect of my diet.  Can any of us really afford to even put a small percentage of toxins in our body?  As I pass the “mid-point” in my life I’m finding that in order to get optimal performance I need to keep my game tight in EVERY aspect of my diet.  When I look at a lot of the garbage out there when it comes to supplements I error on the side of health and simplicity.  That’s why I choose a whey protein supplement free from hormone altering chemicals & antibiotics that promotes healthy digestion and enhanced nutrient uptake.

I hope you enjoy the Whey Better Protein from XBrain as much as I do.  It’s companies like XBrain that keep London Real a free broadcast and support us 100% in the pursuit of knowledge that often times conflicts with the mainstream media.

Please send me your pictures & comments and tell me if Whey Better Protein works for you!