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Global Chapters

In October 2012 we were guests on the Joe Rogan Experience episode #271 and we made an offer and a challenge to anyone in the world who wanted to start their own podcast and brand it “Your City” Real.  

Here are the “Hall of Famers” who made it happen and below is our open letter to ANYONE who wants to start your own podcast and change the world.

MidWest Real

Vancouver Real

Helsinki Real

Los Angeles Real

Do you like the vibe of London Real and want to create your own version in the city you live in?  If so then don’t think, just do it!

London Real started out small on a whim and since then we’ve grown beyond our wildest dreams.  But more importantly, we’ve grown as people.  I firmly believe that if you embark on this endeavor it will make you a better person and enrich the lives of the people around you and perhaps the world.  It took us less that one year to get here.  If we can do it, so can you.

First things first.  Take an inventory of your technology.  You will need some cameras, editing software, and a Web connection.  You need to film it, edit it, and post it.

Of course you could just go to UStream, open up an account, sit in front of your Webcam and go!  This will work too.

However if you are serious about putting something out on a regular basis then I suggest you invest your time and a little bit of money.  It doesn’t have to be fancy to be a quality product, just think about the type of podcast you would like to watch and listen to and create exactly that.  The more effort you put into production the more seriously your friends, family, and the world will take you.  You only get one chance to make a first impression.

Record a pilot episode just like in television.  This is a test podcast that you can use as your introduction to the world.  I would recommend a minimum of 2 people and maximum of 4 but of course there are no rules!  (A one person monologue gets boring and too many people means crosstalk).  Keep the first show short, say 15-30 minutes.  Tell us who you are, where you are, what you do, and what you want to accomplish with your podcast.

Next edit it.  I suggest getting hold of a Mac and open up iMovie (or Final Cut) and import your video files (for PC users I hear Movie Maker is good).  Go into Preferences and select Advanced Tools and then drop one video on top of the other and choose “Side by Side.”  If you can’t figure this out, Google it!  I’m no tech wizard and learned EVERYTHING on YouTube tutorials.  Please don’t email me tech questions and expect answers. 

Finding this Difficult?  Getting Frustrated?  GOOD!  That is a chump detector.  If you can’t make it past these hurdles then you don’t deserve your own show.  This isn’t rocket science but it also isn’t super easy.  There is a reason you’re not listening to “Bitch-Ass” Real.  But stick with it, solve one major problem a day, and sooner than later we’ll be watching your talking monkey heads on screen.

Finally, export your video and upload it to your newly named YouTube channel.  If you would like to name it “Your City” Real we would be honoured.  I’d stay away from copyrighted music but you’re grownups and can decide for yourselves.  Boom!  You’ve just published your first podcast.  Blast it out on Facebook & Twitter and get all of your friends and family to Watch it, Share it, Forward it, and Comment on it (if a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, there was no tree).  Now sit back and wait for the groupies to come knocking on your door.

Send us a link to your podcast and if we like your message and think it is positive and contributes to the collective consciousness then we’ll link to you on our Global Chapters section and mention you on London Real.

Remember what Bas Rutten says, "If you don't shoot, you always miss."